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24Hr Online Support

Posted on: Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal trainer

24 SupportIn addition to one-on-one support from your personal trainer, join the team and you also gain access to our unique 24-hour online support system to ensure you keep motivated and positive throughout.

We understand the fitness world very well and we know that gaining and maintaining fitness is not always easy so we are constantly developing new ways to help clients remain enthusiastic and on the path to fitness in between sessions. has the phenomenal success rate it has due to four essential services we offer all clients:

  • One to one professional trainers and bespoke fitness programmes
  • Fully qualified male and female trainers in every UK town
  • Online tools to keep motivation high
  • Going the extra distance to ensure our perfect record of 100% customer satisfaction is maintained

Enjoy your path to fitness with a great training workout designed with you in mind

Exercise has to be inclusive, workable and enjoyable if it is to be maintained for any length of time; one of the main reasons a great many gym memberships peak in January and dip by April. Join our home fitness family and you have bespoke workouts and a personal trainer who takes an active interest in your progress.

No matter where you live you can be sure a professional is on hand to guide you to fitness. All parts of the southeast, northwest, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are fully represented so give us a call on 07920 705 058 and get fit and stay fit with the unique home training programme from the UK’s premier home fitness brand.