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Posted on: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

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The idea of offering as much food as you can eat for a set price started off in America in the 1930’s and all-you-can-eat offers became particularly popular in low income areas.

Quantity rather than quality seemed to be the key to getting the punters through the door. Golden Corral which opened in the USA in 1973 took off and led to many other food outlets following suit. The UK food chain, Taybarns which launched in the middle of an economic downturn mirrors Golden Corral and now has a turnover of over one billion pounds a year. A family of four can eat an unlimited amount of food for £17.99 and proves popular in working class areas of the country. With its 34 metre food line, Taybarns has a vast array of familiar food on offer and is affordable for low income families.

There are no family arguments about what type of restaurant to go to because many all-you-can-eat outlets offer a wide range of food such as burgers, pizza, pasta and a carvery  all on one huge counter. Individual family members can choose what they want to eat and go back for a different plate of food if they don’t like it. If you go to a restaurant and you don’t like the meal you have ordered, you are stuck with it whereas at an all-you-can-eat chain you can choose something else.

In restaurants specialising in foreign menus such as Chinese or Italian food the freedom to try more unusual dishes is on offer as well as the stalwarts that people opt for time and time again. Generally though, when times are hard people don’t want to be experimental when it comes to eating out. They want familiarity and affordability. The more they can get for their limited funds the better. Of course, the more that is eaten, the better value for money which in turn encourages greed. It is much harder for people to exercise portion control and to stop eating when they feel full if eating more means better value for money. These great value eateries attract customers in droves which in turn promotes more aggressive marketing ploys to deal with competition. Consequently, the options available to encourage us to eat more and more for less money are on the increase as is the size of waistlines worldwide.

Taking advantage of the multitude of offers and enticing marketing ploys inevitably leads to weight gain and in some cases this is directly rewarded. On a recent trip to  Las Vegas I was horrified to find a restaurant that boasts OVER 350 LBS EATS FREE.

With an offer like this why would anyone want to be a lightweight?

With so many offers encouraging us to eat more for less money it is not surprising that obesity levels are on the rise in the western world.  We have a worldwide epidemic when it comes to obesity and the associated health problems are vast. Increases in diabetes and heart disease to name but two cost health services billions worldwide and the multitude of all-you-can-eat outlets doesn’t help.

Our personal trainers are getting more and more requests from clients needing help to shift excess weight through exercise. Because these clients have so much weight to lose it can take months to get them back to a weight that enables to have a ‘normal’ life.

Saying that, the benefits of exercising with the help of a personal trainer can lead to feelings of well- being that far outweigh the pleasure of cramming in as much food as possible in a short space of time.