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Are video Games a replacment for real exersise?

Posted on: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

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Are video Games a replacement for real exercise?

Now please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking at Call Of Duty VS Real war! I’m talking about
the current trend of video games that looks to firmly set it’s eyes on exercise.
A relatively recent addition to the video game universe, these games are interactive and can require
as little activity as a swing of the wrist to play golf or tennis, or as much effort as an intense dance
routine or the full punches in a virtual boxing match. Most of these games do not qualify as aerobic
exercise, though they do require more activity than traditional video games I have chosen 3 games
to play and to see if they relate to the real world. The 3 are…

Wii – Wii Fit Plus
xbox 360 – Zumba Fitness: Join the Party
PS3 – Sports Champions

-Wii Fit plus-

The Wii has established it’s self as a good console for exercising, and at first look it does seem to be
a good form of light exercise. The harder you play, the more calories you burn! Good then!?!
…But alas I started to get board pretty quick and soon found that I could just sit on the balance
board and get the same results (if not better) as when I was standing! Now I know that sitting down
and playing it is not the idea of the game but there is no motivation to carry on trying as hard as you
could when you can do very little and achieve the same level of results. Don’t get me wrong it can help with exercising but no where near a real life replacement.

-Zumba Fitness: Join the Party-

From the off you know that you are not going to get away sitting down with this. Sit down and the
“kinect” sensor will just pause the game until you stand again! With this I found that the level of
exercise that I got is 100x better than the Wii! There was real hope that video games have the power
to replace us Personal Trainers! But… (and there is always a but!)

The learning curve of this game is horrendous! From the training section of the game it started like this…

The virtual trainer walked onto the screen and says “OK then nice and slowly- left foot in, left foot out, left, right, in, and out” Which is probably just  the same as a real Zumba class! But then it all goes wrong….

From 1 step moves all of a sudden it seems the game has detected your copying the move and automaticly presumes that you are a Zumba Master!

Suddenly (on the training sections!) the on-screen character starts dancing away at full speed! After
trying to keep up with this for a few minuets I found that I nearly tied my legs behind my head!
We all need a little motivation but if our Personal Trainers come to your house and after the first
2 minutes started shouting “MOVE YOU DIRTY MAGGOT! PAIN IS EASY!!! COPY MY MOVES OR WE WILL DO IT ALL  AGAIN ,AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, OVER & OVER YOU DIRTY WORM!!!!” you wouldn’t want that person back and we wouldn’t be the fast growing company that we are today! Add to that, half the time you try and copy the moves and the sensor doesn’t pick you up, Despite matching the on-screen moves perfectly!

So better than the Wii but we are not all Dance & Exercise masters. We need to warm up
and do things at our own pace not that of a angry video game.

-Sports Champions-

This was by far the most expensive of the 2. (counting everything you have to buy) At first looks the Move controllers work quite well and are very responsive to your moves. It looks far better than the others as well as leaving you feeling a lot more in control. But then the curse of the Wii strikes again.
You soon find that you can just sit down on the sofa and play. Although quite fun it lacked motivation and wouldn’t encourage you to try a little bit harder.

The last word…

So can they replace us Personal Trainers? Probably not! But It’s a good place to start, though. Kids can have fun doing it, they can feel a little better about actually trying the sport or activity.But really, you ought to get outside, give it a try and have some real fun.” Now Only a fool would say that exercise  will remain in the real world. But now? No. And not for a very, very long time to come.

But hey! I had a laugh trying them out!