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Workout at home are one of the leading providers of mobile personal training services in your area. Our male and female personal trainers bring all the necessary equipment to the home, so let the gym come to you! Here we will be providing general information on health and fitness and other news related to Workout at home

Get Fit, Stay Fit!

Posted on: Thursday, October 31st, 2013

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Young woman practicing boxing with her instructorGetting fit and staying fit is vital to health and wellbeing and although this is widely known, not everyone feels able to step out into a gym’s public arena. In fact a large percentage of people avoid a fitness programme for that very reason so if you would like a specially designed exercise routine which you can work on in your own home with a specially trained personal fitness instructor would you then look at exercise in a different way?

After an initial meeting with your fitness trainer (either male or female) when you will explain your current level of fitness and health and what you would like to achieve an exercise routine will be created for you – one which is doable from the outset so don’t worry if your current level of fitness is not high; as it improves the routine will be amended so that it is always challenging.

Wherever you are

Don’t worry if you don’t live in a major town or city. has a team of excellent personal trainers in all corners of the UK ready and waiting to help you get fit.

Further information and how to join this exciting home fitness lifestyle please 07920 705058 today.

We Can Help You Achieve Optimum Fitness

Posted on: Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal trainer

PT12If you know you should take more regular exercise but are worried about committing to an expensive gym membership only to find your enthusiasm dips after a few months or perhaps you dislike the idea of exercising in a group or in a public place?

Don’t let these reasons stop you from achieving your optimum fitness and consider a personal fitness programme created for you and delivered in your own home by your own fitness instructor.

Whether you live in Ayrshire, Cumbria, Yorkshire or Merseyside you can have your own male or female professionally qualified personal fitness instructor to help you get fit and stay fit for the rest of your life with the successful brand. provides a personal trainer who is ready right now to work with you to achieve your desired level of fitness. In addition to providing a balanced workout, your personal trainer will also provide invaluable encouragement as well as practical help such as goal setting and achieving, health assessment results and how to compare ‘then and now’ statistics.

If you have tried exercising before and found the regime difficult to stick to then one-to-one personal training is probably tailor-made for you and you can start moving toward the level of fitness you want by making that first call to our friendly support team on 07920 705058.


Improve At Your Own Pace

Posted on: Monday, October 28th, 2013

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal trainer, Personal training, Workout at home

PT10When you decide to get fit where better to workout than in the comfort of your own home? When you join a gym you are necessarily compelled to advance at the same level as the class and if you find this difficult then you can become dissuaded from taking any exercise at all – a real shame. Unfortunately this happens to a large number of people every year but now you can choose to exercise in privacy and with the additional advantage of your own personal trainer.

When you choose the brand you are giving yourself a terrific advantage right away with a much higher percentage of success than you would attain in a public gym class setting.

Why is working out at home better?

As well as the obvious advantages of being able to build your exercise routine around your daily schedule, you will find it easier to become and stay motivated with the one-on-one guidance and encouragement from your personal trainer.

The model offers experienced male and female fitness instructors in your area who are ready and willing to help you on the road to the rest of your life fitness.

Improve health and wellbeing, lose weight and feel and look terrific with the personalised fitness programme created especially for you.

Call now on 07920 705058 and take charge of your fitness today.

24Hr Online Support

Posted on: Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Nutrition, Personal trainer

24 SupportIn addition to one-on-one support from your personal trainer, join the team and you also gain access to our unique 24-hour online support system to ensure you keep motivated and positive throughout.

We understand the fitness world very well and we know that gaining and maintaining fitness is not always easy so we are constantly developing new ways to help clients remain enthusiastic and on the path to fitness in between sessions. has the phenomenal success rate it has due to four essential services we offer all clients:

  • One to one professional trainers and bespoke fitness programmes
  • Fully qualified male and female trainers in every UK town
  • Online tools to keep motivation high
  • Going the extra distance to ensure our perfect record of 100% customer satisfaction is maintained

Enjoy your path to fitness with a great training workout designed with you in mind

Exercise has to be inclusive, workable and enjoyable if it is to be maintained for any length of time; one of the main reasons a great many gym memberships peak in January and dip by April. Join our home fitness family and you have bespoke workouts and a personal trainer who takes an active interest in your progress.

No matter where you live you can be sure a professional is on hand to guide you to fitness. All parts of the southeast, northwest, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are fully represented so give us a call on 07920 705 058 and get fit and stay fit with the unique home training programme from the UK’s premier home fitness brand.

Individual Fitness Programmes Created For Individuals

Posted on: Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Categories: Diet, Fitness, Personal trainer, Workout at home

PT9The brand now has in excess of 400 of the highest quality male and female personal trainers located across the length and breadth of the UK to ensure that wherever you live there is a qualified and friendly workout at home professional, ready and waiting to help you start your journey to fitness.

Recognising that not everyone feels comfortable in a gym setting we started our innovative role in home fitness in 2006 and now  is proud of our incredible success rate with clients who come to us with a variety of current fitness levels and who now attain the fitness, weight and shape they feel comfortable with.

Feel great in your own skin with a www.workoutathome tailor made fitness programme

Our home fitness gurus are well represented across the whole of the country from Skegness to Salford and from Glasgow to Glastonbury so wherever you are located you are never far away from your own personal trainer.

The role of your workout at home professional is to design a fitness programme especially for you, taking into consideration your current health and fitness. Unlike gym settings, where one can feel compelled to keep up with the class, your personal programme is just that – personal. Your personal trainer will regularly update your routine as your fitness increases so you can be sure that every single workout session really counts towards that fitter, healthier you.

Call our friendly team now on 07920 705 058 and let our workout at home fitness professionals help you to a happier and healthier future.

The Best Personal Trainers In Professional Home Fitness

Posted on: Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Personal trainer, Personal training, Workout at home

Personal TrainersWhen our clients choose the home fitness brand to help them achieve and maintain their optimum level of fitness they know they are supported not only be their personal trainer but also by the number one fitness brand in the UK.

This means there are a variety of online tools available 24/7 to help motivate, sustain and help you to get the most from your fitness programme. Unlike public gyms, choosing a bespoke fitness package means you and your home trainer can work together on the areas of fitness which are important to you.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone your body, improve health or for general wellbeing, with our 100% customer satisfaction rate, are confident that our fitness providers can guide and support you on your personal fitness journey.

From Aberdeen to Exeter has it covered

We are proud to offer all our clients the best male and female personal trainers in professional home fitness so you know that wherever you are in the UK you too can take advantage of a one-to-one personal fitness programme created especially for you.

Fitness training at home has so many great advantages including doable workout schedules built around your daily routine, training in the comfort of your own home, no traveling, privacy and of course confidentiality.

To take advantage of this innovative route to personal and sustainable fitness at home give us a call on 07920 705 058 and start building your personal fitness today.

100% Client Satisfaction

Posted on: Friday, October 18th, 2013

Categories: Fitness, Personal trainer, Personal training, Workout at home

PT4 is proud to have attained, and more importantly sustained, 100% client satisfaction. This is no small feat and has been achieved because we go the extra distance to make sure our clients are satisfied with our service and we make sure our personal fitness trainers do too. All our male and female trainers are highly qualified and motivated individuals who have your fitness as their topmost concern.

With a good grounding in the field of personal training and creating programmes tailored to individual needs, it is no wonder is now the number one home fitness brand in the UK.

Whatever you need – we are here for youWhether you want to get fit for health reasons and/or GP recommendation, lose weight, for general wellbeing or for that special event you can be sure that your requirements will be given top priority when your fitness instructor designs your personal fitness programme.

Wherever you are in the UK has the perfect male or female home fitness expert ready and waiting to work with you. London and the Home Counties, South England, the Midlands and the North, all areas are fully represented with the finest selection of home fitness coaches available in the UK today.

Our website provides full information on this innovative way of keeping fit which is taking the UK by storm. Check out right now or call on 07920 705058 and take that winning step to a lifetime of fitness.


Keep A Fitness Journal… We’ll Show You How

Posted on: Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Nutrition, Personal trainer

When you join the programme you get
much more than a personalised programme with achievable goals and one-to-one
tuition. You also gain access to a complete Client Support System which has
been created to make it easy for you to reach your desired level of fitness.
helps you to make your own food and
exercise journal which you can add to daily, weekly or whenever you like. Our
innovative system helps you to set achievable goals as well as offering advice
on health, nutrition and diets. You can view your health assessment at any time
and also download new training programmes when you feel you are ready.

The Client Support System helps you stay
connected to your fitness programme, especially helpful on days when you do not
see your personal trainer or when motivation is low.

The Client Support System – always working for you

This innovative tool is available to all our clients to help
you gain maximum benefit from your tailor-made programme. Your personal training
provider will also be happy to advise and guide in all aspects of physical
fitness and wellbeing. Whether you want to lose weight, improve general
all-round health or just want to feel better your personal trainer will create
your own personal programme which can be modified and adapted over time as your
fitness level improves.

We have clients in cities and towns across
the UK so from Newcastle or Norfolk we have a personal trainer ready and
waiting to help you take that first step towards a lifetime of fitness and

Call 07920 705058 or visit our website for more details on how to join
this exciting programme today.

Work Out For Fun… Yes Really!

Posted on: Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Categories: Diet, Exercise, Fitness, Personal trainer, Personal training, Weight, Workout at home

It’s official! People like working out! That is if it is a workable and achievable programme which has been adapted to suit individual needs taking current health situation into account as well as level of fitness. This is also official! A large percentage of people who could easily attain and maintain a good level of fitness do not do so simply because they do not feel comfortable in a busy gym setting. If you feel this is you then you need compromise your health, fitness and wellbeing no longer. You can get fit and enjoy the personal attention of a fully qualified fitness professional who will take time out to guide and encourage you to your fitness optimum. Everyone is different and individual needs cannot be recognised in a gym class environment so whatever your current level of fitness may be you can improve and enhance your life with a steady and achievable workout routine designed especially for you. Wherever you live in Bath or Bradford, Cumbernauld or Cumbria we can have a workout at home trainer at your door ready to help you on your personal road to fitness. GP’s agree With emphasis looking set to stay on getting and keeping fit no matter our age, UK GP’s have given testimonials to the effectiveness and long-term health benefits of a home-built fitness regime. For further information on how you can start your home fitness programme please check out our website at or call our friendly group of advisors on 07920 705058 right now.

Personalised Training Programmes Created To Suit You

Posted on: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

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If you are considering a one-to-one fitness trainer you may be interested to know that the specialist bespoke training providers, Work Out At Home, offer not only a tailor-made and professionally delivered fitness programme in your own home but also an online support service to ensure clients are always receiving the right kind of fitness advice and support whenever they need it.

All male and female personal trainers with us are fully qualified and will design a fitness programme centred around specific client requirements. As fitness levels increase over the coming weeks and months this programme will naturally evolve alongside the client’s increased ability so that they will always feel a little challenged.

We have been developing our unique slant on home-based fitness programmes since 2009 and are now proud to state that our personal trainers are located across the length and breadth of the UK. Scotland, England, Wales and N. Ireland are all covered so that no matter where our clients live, we can get a personal trainer to their doorstep.

Now in 2013 we are recognised as the premier brand in home fitness workouts and offer with confidence our customer satisfaction guarantee to every client. The system of home workouts has benefitted from testimonials from a large percentage of GPs who recognise the health benefits of working out at home.

Start your tailored fitness programme today

Call now on 07920 705 058 and let us help get you fit for the rest of your life.

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