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Music is the motivation

Posted on: Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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What music do you listen to when you are training? Funk? Rock? Dance? Progressive Jazz?!?!
The reason a lot of people use music while at the gym or out jogging is to shut the world off around them. When out jogging with Take That (or what ever your own tastes are) it’s just you and that music. No people, Traffic or out side influence.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  …..Why?
Why not listen to the outside world and hear people talking or other gym users chat about what ever they are talking about! Because at the end of the day your just not interested!

You want to get your head down and jog/workout or generally just concentrate on what you are doing. We are where we are today because people don’t want to go to the gym and listen to people go on, and on about how much they can bench or how much reps they have done that day.

The home is personal, private and it’s yours! Do you think you need a massive front room that you can exercise in and then after wards host a banquet for 2,000? No! The average front room that both you and I have is ample room. Our trainers are there to concentrate on you and not the amount of room you have.

Really don’t have enough room? No problem! There are parks, play areas and all manor of local places  near you that our trainers can meet you and give the motivation and workout you need. The key word here is ‘PERSONAL’. We are for you and you alone. Believe it or not our trainers are always self  motivated to make you happier! If you’re taking care of your own well-being and showing signs of improvement then they are happy! The last thing on or trainers minds are “OMG look at the wall paper in here!”

The Last word…

People prefer us to gym’s because at home you are happy comfortable and most of all safe.
Add to that you can stick on your Engelbert Humperdinck Cd and workout, not because you need the
distraction but because it’s your home and you can listen to what ever motivates you most.

Personal Trainers charged £350 to use the Park

Posted on: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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A fee introduced in April has highlighted a possible threat to the livelihood of mobile personal trainers.  A Tory-run West London Council has brought in a business charge for anyone using parks in their vicinity.  This means that a personal trainer can use a park for their own purposes, but as soon as they start working out with a client, it is classed as a business and therefore chargeable.  There are already charges for group classes in Royal Parks, but now the charge in Hurlingham Park in Putney has been extended to people with individual clients and personal trainers had to pay £300 in Twickenham in early April.

A 12 month licence for using parks in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham costs £350 and without it personal trainers are not allowed to train with clients. There is the worry that other Councils will follow suit in a bid to make more money during the recession that has already seen a multitude of cuts in Councils. Consequently, expenses could mount up if a personal trainer uses parks in more than one local authority. Given that many personal trainers are mobile and have a client base living in different areas, it is probable that they use parks in various locations. The whole point of clients employing a mobile personal trainer is so that they don’t have to travel to inconvenient sporting facilities. The expectation is that the personal trainer travels to them or meets them in a local park.

Escalating charges would certainly have a negative impact on the personal training industry, individuals and the nation as a whole. Personal trainers may not be able to afford the charge for a single licence never mind charges for more than one borough. They would either have to increase the cost of their sessions which would make them too expensive for some or avoid using parks with their clients. This would reduce the type of workouts available to clients and those that prefer working out in the great outdoors may give up on personal training altogether if parks are not an option for them. The impact of people exercising less would be far reaching. We know that physical fitness staves off many health conditions that cost the NHS millions every year and aerobic exercise has been shown to improve mental health. The tautology here is that a short term money making device could cost the nation greatly in the long term.

There is  a solution and that is ‘Workout at home’. Workout at home are the leading mobile personal training company in the UK. Personal Trainers bring all the necessary equipment to the home so you do not even need to leave the house.

What has Britain got out of the royal wedding?

Posted on: Friday, April 29th, 2011

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First of all Congratulations to Wills & Kate. The ceremony was a little too long for some of us but
over all it was a great day to be British and to witness what I’m sure will be a new Era of The Royal

But I had to wonder what we as “common” (I hate that term) everyday people got out of it? Yeah it was nice to see and be a part of it but did it really make a difference to us everyday people?

For the first time I felt that people were celebrating Britain as a whole and not the independent
“football” country’s that we seem to spend most of our time in. We were all one. Black, White, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish, All one.  Most of us seem to have rediscovered something we had almost forgotten…
…National pride!

With British Flags flying and people spread out over the Parade it was nice to see. At the Abbey there was all walks of life. Postmen,  Bakers,  Shop owners and everything else inbetween.

My point is that happy people spend more money, FACT! And today 29/4/2011 a lot of people were happy. And it helps company’s Like ours and many others because we are here not to force people to do exercise or to make them conform to society’s views on being fit, But to help people feel better about them selves! It’s not about being super fit or being super active. We work with the people we help, No against. Personal Trainers are about giving you a little motivation and encouragement. If you just want to lose “a little tiny bit” just in time for that special Wedding then we are here!

Remember that happiness you felt today? You can feel like that all the time! By being happy with
yourself and looking after your own wellbeing.  The Royal Wedding has in some way made us all feel
good and maybe we should all take a quick look in the mirror and ask our selves…

“Am I happy?!?!?”

The last word…

What i’m trying to say here is that we can help you be happy. We don’t cost an arm and a leg and you
don’t have to Marry a Prince just to be able to afford a Personal Trainer. Anyone can, And it doesn’t
matter who you are, where you live or how much weight you “HAVE” to lose. Your feel a lot better
about your self if you just look after your own Wellbeing.

Personal Trainers Sheffield

Posted on: Thursday, February 17th, 2011

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Personal Trainers Sheffield -  there are so many benefits to using a Workout at home personal trainer. It is predicted that within a few years being overweight or obese will overtake smoking as the major cause of preventable ill health in the UK and the people of Sheffield have shown that its everyone’s problem. Last year, a summit was organised in the City leading Sheffield to be internationally recognised as leading the way in preventing obesity. Most of us know that if we exercise regularly we will have better muscle tone and reduced body fat, but the benefits you reap won’t stop there. Your stress levels will be reduced; you will feel more energised and have better quality sleep.

Unfortunately for many people in Sheffield going to the gym can be daunting and it can be difficult to sustain the motivation necessary to achieve the level of fitness you are looking for. Therefore, over the last couple of years there has been a greater demand for personal trainers in Sheffield and in particular mobile personal trainers that come to you in your home. Regardless of your goal, whether you wish to lose weight, train for a specific sporting event such as 5k run or you are seeking help with rehabilitation after an injury, your Sheffield personal trainer can help you.

Workout at home recruits experts in the field of personal training. Each one is highly qualified and they are adept at making your personal training sessions varied and effective. Your training programme will be tailored to your specific needs and you will be advised and motivated throughout your sessions. As well as this you will be provided with access to an online support system, something that is totally unique to the personal training industry. Furthermore, we want you to enjoy yourself and get on well with your personal trainer.

During your FREE initial consultation, you get to meet your personal trainer who will discuss with you what you hope to achieve. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with personal training with your local Workout at home personal trainer, you will be offered a health assessment and this will give you a clearer idea about your current health and fitness levels and enable your personal trainer in Sheffield to design a programme to help you reach your goals.

It is well worth reading our testimonials but one of our clients said “I am the important ingredient in this mix.  I have been made to feel worthwhile.  I am healthier, fitter and a good deal happier. I never thought I could achieve so much, indeed I would not have done without the dedication to my needs from my personal trainer”. You will not need to purchase any expensive equipment to accomplish your goals as everything necessary will be brought to your home by your personal trainer. Your personal trainer in Sheffield has a mobile fitness suite that includes a step, punch pads, balance ball, resistance bands, and much more. No room in your house for a running machine but you want to run? Don’t worry, your personal trainer could take you for a run in one of many parks Sheffield has to offer such as Graves Park or Weston Bank.

To arrange a free consultation with a personal trainer in Sheffield click here

Personal Trainers Sheffield

Posted on: Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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Personal trainers in Sheffield are a great solution for anyone who needs the motivation to do any exercise. While gyms and fitness clubs might be suitable for some people, they don’t suit the needs of everyone. Whether your life is too hectic to find time for the gym or you just want a more personal approach to fitness, there are plenty of solutions to choose from with Workout at home and our choice of Sheffield personal trainers. Unlike most personal training companies, Workout at home has a focus on delivering programmes that work and are designed for your specific needs. Whether you are training for a marathon or just trying to get rid of some stubborn winter weight in time for summer, we can customise a training solution for you.

In-home personal training is something that many people dream of, but assume that they could never afford or find time for. The reality of the situation is that anyone can benefit from personal fitness training in their own home with the affordable services offered through Workout at home. Personal trainers in Sheffield are ready and waiting to help you reach your fitness goals today, so you shouldn’t hesitate to contact us and get started. We utilise state-of-the-art portable fitness equipment and the best tools available for your fitness training needs so that we can bring the workout to you. In life, not many things are tailored to your unique schedule, but this is one situation where it’s all about you and your health and fitness goals.

At Workout at home, you can utilise the resources on our website to learn about our services, locate and read up on our personal trainers through the personal trainer search facility, and even set up your free consultation so that you can learn more about your options and what our services can do for you. Personal training in Sheffield will give you faster results, more personalised attention, and a more efficient workout regimen because the plan is optimised to meet your specific needs. Forget about finding 2-4 hours every day to drive to the gym, workout, shower, and drive home again. It is just not needed. With Workout at home, you can simply put on your favourite workout clothes and get your trainer to arrive at a time that suits you.

Convenience and effective use of time are two of the main benefits of hiring Sheffield personal trainers. There is no limit to what you can do with the right personal training service, so it will be up to you to find the solutions that suit your needs. With Workout at home, you can trust that you are working with one of the most reputable and largest home fitness training companies in the UK and that you will get the attention and support that you deserve. If you have been dreaming of the day when you can get into shape and with less effort on your part, today is your day. Contact one of our personal trainers to find out more.