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Pay As You Exercise, No Lengthy Contracts

Posted on: Thursday, October 17th, 2013

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It is undeniably true that at least 50% of
people who join a gym find themselves still forking out hefty monthly fees long
after they have stopped working out; deciding perhaps that they have no time to
fit the classes in around families, busy working lives, too far to travel and
other commitments. However if we ask the right questions we will oftentimes
discover that it is not actually the exercise per se which is the problem but the
group setting (a giant turn-off for many people).

So what’s the answer?

Assuming that stagnating in the armchair is not a desirable option, you could perhaps consider developing a bespoke exercise routine along with your own specialist training provider.

Now if you are thinking this is outside the realms of both fantasy and your pocket consider the UK’s number one home fitness brand and what their specially selected personal trainers can offer you and all at affordable costs.


All areas of Scotland, England, Wales and have personal trainers waiting for you

London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow – all areas are well represented so our clients can have their

own male or female personal fitness trainer right on tap.

Further information can be found on our website at or why not give us a call on 07920 705058 and let the UK’s premier home fitness brand help you forwards sustainable fitness and the healthy new lifestyle you have always wanted.

Personalised Training Programmes Created To Suit You

Posted on: Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

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If you are considering a one-to-one fitness trainer you may be interested to know that the specialist bespoke training providers, Work Out At Home, offer not only a tailor-made and professionally delivered fitness programme in your own home but also an online support service to ensure clients are always receiving the right kind of fitness advice and support whenever they need it.

All male and female personal trainers with us are fully qualified and will design a fitness programme centred around specific client requirements. As fitness levels increase over the coming weeks and months this programme will naturally evolve alongside the client’s increased ability so that they will always feel a little challenged.

We have been developing our unique slant on home-based fitness programmes since 2009 and are now proud to state that our personal trainers are located across the length and breadth of the UK. Scotland, England, Wales and N. Ireland are all covered so that no matter where our clients live, we can get a personal trainer to their doorstep.

Now in 2013 we are recognised as the premier brand in home fitness workouts and offer with confidence our customer satisfaction guarantee to every client. The system of home workouts has benefitted from testimonials from a large percentage of GPs who recognise the health benefits of working out at home.

Start your tailored fitness programme today

Call now on 07920 705 058 and let us help get you fit for the rest of your life.

Want to Train Faster, Harder, Stronger and Safer?

Posted on: Monday, August 27th, 2012

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I was recently talking to a friend about her brother, who it transpires is a keen rower with Olympic standard promise, who scuppered his chances of competing in this year’s games due to injury.  He dutifully trained for hours every day, but was unable to sustain the level of nourishment his body needed, and unfortunately became very ill.  His zeal was not enough to turn him into the athlete he aspired to be, and because of his illness, lost out on his chance to shine.  This got me thinking- in the blaze of glory this year’s Olympics resulted in, not much attention was given to those, who as a result of illness, and especially sport-related injury, were unable to represent their country in the games.  As my friend’s story shows, injury and illness are unfortunately common-place in the world of sport and athletics, and even any amateur fitness enthusiasts are likely to suffer some kind of injury over their lifetime.

One of the most extreme sporting events, which places a huge strain on the body is the marathon.  The marathon is meant to be a celebration of the extremes the human body can take itself to, and the very myth of its origin is testament to human endurance.  As the story would have it, in 490 BC, the soldier Pheidippides ran from the Battle of Marathon (hence the origin of the events name) to Athens to announce the news of the victory of Greece over Persia, where he promptly collapsed and died.  While there may be integrity and glory behind an individual’s determination to conquer physical frailty in the pursuit of something higher (be it political victory, as in Pheidippides’ case, or even personal fitness) it is vital to remember, as clichéd as the sentiment may be, that we are only given one body to last our lifetimes, and that once a person is afflicted with certain injuries, the damage can be irreparable.  Even if you are not a top athlete (and chances are you’re not- no offence), it is important to seek out the correct help if you even sense an injury coming on.  As a keen runner blighted by hideously painful shin-splints, I can testify that prevention is an infinitely preferable course of action to cure.

While the Olympics serve to show what can happen if an individual pushes themselves to the physical (and often mental) limit, we’ve come a long way since the days of poor Pheidippides, and it is perfectly possible to do any type of exercise without such tragic consequences.  So, to ensure that you can continue to train and exercise ‘faster, harder, stronger and safer’, remember to keep poor Pheidippides in your mind and consider a personal trainer to help you with your journey.


Posted on: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

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The idea of offering as much food as you can eat for a set price started off in America in the 1930’s and all-you-can-eat offers became particularly popular in low income areas.

Quantity rather than quality seemed to be the key to getting the punters through the door. Golden Corral which opened in the USA in 1973 took off and led to many other food outlets following suit. The UK food chain, Taybarns which launched in the middle of an economic downturn mirrors Golden Corral and now has a turnover of over one billion pounds a year. A family of four can eat an unlimited amount of food for £17.99 and proves popular in working class areas of the country. With its 34 metre food line, Taybarns has a vast array of familiar food on offer and is affordable for low income families.

There are no family arguments about what type of restaurant to go to because many all-you-can-eat outlets offer a wide range of food such as burgers, pizza, pasta and a carvery  all on one huge counter. Individual family members can choose what they want to eat and go back for a different plate of food if they don’t like it. If you go to a restaurant and you don’t like the meal you have ordered, you are stuck with it whereas at an all-you-can-eat chain you can choose something else.

In restaurants specialising in foreign menus such as Chinese or Italian food the freedom to try more unusual dishes is on offer as well as the stalwarts that people opt for time and time again. Generally though, when times are hard people don’t want to be experimental when it comes to eating out. They want familiarity and affordability. The more they can get for their limited funds the better. Of course, the more that is eaten, the better value for money which in turn encourages greed. It is much harder for people to exercise portion control and to stop eating when they feel full if eating more means better value for money. These great value eateries attract customers in droves which in turn promotes more aggressive marketing ploys to deal with competition. Consequently, the options available to encourage us to eat more and more for less money are on the increase as is the size of waistlines worldwide.

Taking advantage of the multitude of offers and enticing marketing ploys inevitably leads to weight gain and in some cases this is directly rewarded. On a recent trip to  Las Vegas I was horrified to find a restaurant that boasts OVER 350 LBS EATS FREE.

With an offer like this why would anyone want to be a lightweight?

With so many offers encouraging us to eat more for less money it is not surprising that obesity levels are on the rise in the western world.  We have a worldwide epidemic when it comes to obesity and the associated health problems are vast. Increases in diabetes and heart disease to name but two cost health services billions worldwide and the multitude of all-you-can-eat outlets doesn’t help.

Our personal trainers are getting more and more requests from clients needing help to shift excess weight through exercise. Because these clients have so much weight to lose it can take months to get them back to a weight that enables to have a ‘normal’ life.

Saying that, the benefits of exercising with the help of a personal trainer can lead to feelings of well- being that far outweigh the pleasure of cramming in as much food as possible in a short space of time.

Organic Make Up Benefits: Beautifying Your Skin Naturally

Posted on: Monday, August 22nd, 2011

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When we talk about organic make up, plant materials or substances derived from plant materials seem to pop into the mind. This is partially true. Organic make up does refer to cosmetics whose ingredients are derived from plant matter. However, the same can also mean that naturally occurring compounds such as minerals constitute such organic cosmetics. Simply put, the term “organic make up” refers to beautification materials that have not been exposed to chemicals or artificial pesticides of any kind.

Organic cosmetics are also produced in an environmentally friendly manner that ensures no toxins are emitted into the air which is not the same for their chemical counterparts. In contrast to the traditional synthetic cosmetics, the ingredients of organic cosmetics are all natural. Following these statements, it is therefore not a surprising tendency that most women today prefer using organic cosmetics.

Some of the ingredients involved in organic cosmetics include base metals which are used as natural elements in the composition of make up such as eye shadow, lipstick and even blushes. Such elements have the property of rejuvenation. By this I mean they slow down the aging process of the body cells. They also have moisturizing properties and a record of being very skin friendly.

In order to educate the masses, this article will highlight the benefits of using organic make up. If you thought this was just another beauty fad then I urge you to read on.

A recent customer poll unearthed that allergic reactions and some skin irritations disappeared in over 50% of all the customers who purchased the product. The research also showed that the people who switched to organic make up from chemical cosmetics had their skin allergies disappear completely.

Other benefits of organic cosmetics specifically organic creams include the fact that they allow the skin to breath without clogging it. This is actually the sole reason why allergies dissipate among organic cosmetic users.

Another benefit of organic make up is that they do not contain any harsh dyes that can compromise the human system. Talc is also absent in organic make up. Those familiar with talc know that it dries up the skin and produces a dull effect. Talc is also notorious for sliding off the face and into the tiny cracks making them more prominent. This does not happen with organic applications.

There are also nutritional benefits associated with this cosmetic. For instance, organic based mascara nourishes the lashes with products such as jojoba oils and Shea butter. In some cases, the mascara has been known to contain bees wax. The wax ultimately strengthens the lashes making them tougher and more durable.

Illuminators such as sericite Mica and Mica have also been blended into organic make up, more specifically the foundation powders. These natural illuminators reduce the appearance of the pores and wrinkles on the skin by reflecting light away from the skin.

That said; it would be unwise to take any article at face value, this one included. After all, we are talking about your body here. So take your time and read everything you can lay your hands on before trying any cosmetic product on yourself.

An Olympic Effort

Posted on: Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

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I found myself in an unusual position over the weekend.  I have never been a particularly avid spectator of any sport, race or athletic event.  Despite this predilection, I could not drag myself away from the trials for the World Athletics Championships, which were broadcasted this past weekend on the BBC.  Despite my prior cynicism, the more I dwelt on these, and the upcoming Olympics, the more possible benefits I could forsee.

As ambitious as my following statement is about to sound, seeing as the Olympic games themselves are monumentally ambitious events, perhaps this is fitting.  After all, what other organised international event encourages athletes to push themselves beyond what seems physically possible.  (A particularly memorable Olympic event being for many when Usain Bolt broke Olympic and world records in the 2008 Beijing Olympics, in both the 100m race and the 200m).  So here is my suggestion:  I believe that the 2012 London Olympics truly has the potential to make a real difference to both the mental and physical health of the British public.

The most obvious benefit of having intense national focus on and scrutiny of athletes is that they will set a good example to a country currently undergoing various health crises.  Looking at people who have made a clear dedication to be the fittest and the healthiest they can be can only be a good influence.  Now that we live in a culture of convenience and culture, it is all too easy to forget that the primal, necessary function of our bodies was to move and to be active.  Olympians bring this to mind in such an obvious, visually arresting way, that it is impossible not to be impressed.  Hopefully taking this kind of attitude, or even understanding it, will forge a different understanding in our society of what it is to take care of your body.

But however important the body is, it is also important to nurture the soul and mind.  In this way, I think the sense of community and shared experience that the British will experience in the run up to, and for the duration of the Olympic games, will prove nothing short of inspirational.  Additionally, many of the athletes have had to undergo personal adversity in order to get where they are, such as British gymnast Jessica Hogg, who overcame the death of her mother to represent Britain in her first senior event in Australia earlier this year, or Christine Ohuruogu, who despite countless injuries, is Britain’s only reigning Olympic athletics champion, who is determined to make Team GB again in 2012.  Stories such as Hogg’s and Ohuruogu’s will provide an important inspiration to the countless unfit, unhealthy members of the public who believe that they are beyond help, by proving that with a bit of determination, anything is possible.

It’s possible that my optimistic opinion may strike you as cheesy and clichéd, and will no doubt lead some sceptics to wonder whether or not I’m being paid by the Olympic Games Committee as some sort of covert spokesperson (I seriously hope not- what a tragic insight into the pessimistic British psyche if that is the case).   Despite this, I am willing to risk ridicule and say: despite the obvious irritating aspects of the upcoming Olympic games- the money, the logo, the mascots (does ANYBODY understand what they’re meant to be?)- it might be time to put aside typical British cynicism and embrace the games for what they might do for our country- not in terms of international fame and fortune, but in terms of the health of its citizens.  It might once and for all, show us what it is to be truly healthy, and through this, truly alive.

How Vain are Men?

Posted on: Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

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Despite the recession, the number of people having plastic surgery in the UK is increasing. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons report that the overall rate of cosmetic surgery has risen by 6.7% since 2008. The most impressive statistics have been recorded specifically in male surgery, the demand for which has grown by 21% with the number of operations to correct gynecomastia  (‘man boob’ reductions) rising by 80%. It certainly suggests a concern over appearance for men in a domain that has traditionally been dominated by women. 

Liposuction figures have fallen for women, but not for men. Generally, Surgeons advise patients to reach an optimum Body Mass Index (BMI) before offering them a cosmetic procedure and this may well put many women off this option as a ‘quick fix’. It is possible that men take on board the proposed exercise regime with sensible dieting and then return for cosmetic surgery.  The trend of increasing numbers of men turning to plastic surgery looks to continue during 2011 with the media fuelling male vanity. BMI and weight loss are widely discussed in our current culture and this may drive men to become more self-conscious about their appearances.

An article in The Telegraph in May 2011 has highlighted the results of a health survey of TENA Men over 45 years old.  When asked who they would like to resemble regarding health and fitness, 29% cited Pierce Brosnan with younger stars not getting a look in which suggests many middle aged men are not unrealistic when it comes to age regarding role models.  Furthermore, 53% said they were happy as they are. Obviously, this isn’t the case for all men as 2% had already had cosmetic surgery and a further 14% said they would consider having surgery with a tummy tuck being the most popular choice and breast reduction desired by a surprising 4%.

With the cost of living increasing more men may turn to cheaper procedures or holistic approaches to health and fitness such as personal training, though on average men don’t spend that much on these effective approaches. 60% of men spend less than £50 a year on gym membership or a personal trainer.  Does this mean that men have enough motivation to keep fit without added support? Only 6% of men over 45 saw themselves as very fit compared to other men of their age. Other research suggests that of the 70% of men who think they are physically fit only about 13% actually are. 37% saw themselves as average and 7% as very unfit with physical health being cited as a big concern for 37% of men.

At least most men are not burying their heads in the sand when it comes to thinking about their health because over half of them have regular health checks and around 80% thought they were more aware of signs of ill health and ate a healthier diet compared with their father’s generation.  This self-awareness is good news as health and physical fitness in middle aged men is extremely important. The trick is to follow through with action. Up until age 44 men are more likely to die from accidents than ill health. Once they reach 45, heart disease is the biggest killer with over 36,000 succumbing.  Consequently, focusing on fitness rather than appearance is of paramount importance. Men really don’t look that great when they are dead!  The advantage of focusing on health and fitness is that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise slows down the visible signs of ageing, so fitness not only helps tone your body it will help you look younger in all sorts of ways too.

Unfortunately, 45% of people who own their own fitness equipment use it more for hanging up their clothes than for working out. Most of the time it is due to motivation and a therefore a mobile personal trainer could help (working out that is, not tidying up clothes!).

Are video Games a replacment for real exersise?

Posted on: Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

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Are video Games a replacement for real exercise?

Now please don’t get me wrong here. I’m not talking at Call Of Duty VS Real war! I’m talking about
the current trend of video games that looks to firmly set it’s eyes on exercise.
A relatively recent addition to the video game universe, these games are interactive and can require
as little activity as a swing of the wrist to play golf or tennis, or as much effort as an intense dance
routine or the full punches in a virtual boxing match. Most of these games do not qualify as aerobic
exercise, though they do require more activity than traditional video games I have chosen 3 games
to play and to see if they relate to the real world. The 3 are…

Wii – Wii Fit Plus
xbox 360 – Zumba Fitness: Join the Party
PS3 – Sports Champions

-Wii Fit plus-

The Wii has established it’s self as a good console for exercising, and at first look it does seem to be
a good form of light exercise. The harder you play, the more calories you burn! Good then!?!
…But alas I started to get board pretty quick and soon found that I could just sit on the balance
board and get the same results (if not better) as when I was standing! Now I know that sitting down
and playing it is not the idea of the game but there is no motivation to carry on trying as hard as you
could when you can do very little and achieve the same level of results. Don’t get me wrong it can help with exercising but no where near a real life replacement.

-Zumba Fitness: Join the Party-

From the off you know that you are not going to get away sitting down with this. Sit down and the
“kinect” sensor will just pause the game until you stand again! With this I found that the level of
exercise that I got is 100x better than the Wii! There was real hope that video games have the power
to replace us Personal Trainers! But… (and there is always a but!)

The learning curve of this game is horrendous! From the training section of the game it started like this…

The virtual trainer walked onto the screen and says “OK then nice and slowly- left foot in, left foot out, left, right, in, and out” Which is probably just  the same as a real Zumba class! But then it all goes wrong….

From 1 step moves all of a sudden it seems the game has detected your copying the move and automaticly presumes that you are a Zumba Master!

Suddenly (on the training sections!) the on-screen character starts dancing away at full speed! After
trying to keep up with this for a few minuets I found that I nearly tied my legs behind my head!
We all need a little motivation but if our Personal Trainers come to your house and after the first
2 minutes started shouting “MOVE YOU DIRTY MAGGOT! PAIN IS EASY!!! COPY MY MOVES OR WE WILL DO IT ALL  AGAIN ,AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN, OVER & OVER YOU DIRTY WORM!!!!” you wouldn’t want that person back and we wouldn’t be the fast growing company that we are today! Add to that, half the time you try and copy the moves and the sensor doesn’t pick you up, Despite matching the on-screen moves perfectly!

So better than the Wii but we are not all Dance & Exercise masters. We need to warm up
and do things at our own pace not that of a angry video game.

-Sports Champions-

This was by far the most expensive of the 2. (counting everything you have to buy) At first looks the Move controllers work quite well and are very responsive to your moves. It looks far better than the others as well as leaving you feeling a lot more in control. But then the curse of the Wii strikes again.
You soon find that you can just sit down on the sofa and play. Although quite fun it lacked motivation and wouldn’t encourage you to try a little bit harder.

The last word…

So can they replace us Personal Trainers? Probably not! But It’s a good place to start, though. Kids can have fun doing it, they can feel a little better about actually trying the sport or activity.But really, you ought to get outside, give it a try and have some real fun.” Now Only a fool would say that exercise  will remain in the real world. But now? No. And not for a very, very long time to come.

But hey! I had a laugh trying them out!

Health, Fitness and Personal Training in Aberdeen

Posted on: Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

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Aberdeen is Scotland’s third largest city with a population of more than 210,000. The city has a number of health and fitness clubs as well as private companies that offer other fitness related services, so there is certainly no excuse to be lazy.

 The University and Aberdeen City Council are the funding partners of The Aberdeen Sports Village, which aims to provide a variety of sports for all. The Sports Village also delivers a wide range of facilities and services that can be customised to the particular needs of organisations in and around Aberdeen. Their packages include gym membership with swimming, athletics or squash from less than £35 per month, and an all inclusive package for £45 per month.

If you didn’t mind spending a little more or you prefer a private health club, then you might like to try Cannons Health Club on Justice Mills Lane. The Club has become a Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Centre and as well as the normal facilities you would expect from a private health club, Cannons are able to provide personal training services. The personal trainers at Cannons have the expertise to deliver bespoke training programmes, specifically focusing on technique so that should you wish you to train on your own at the club, you can do so safely and effectively.

Whilst a gym environment may suit some people it doesn’t suit all, so there is another option. Workout at home takes the personal training service one step further by delivering training sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Workout at home has recently recruited Nick Kelly, who is an experienced and highly qualified personal trainer in Aberdeen. By getting Nick to come to you, you will save time not having to travel to the gym and you will not have to worry about what you wear. You do not even need to have your own fitness equipment because Nick will bring all the necessary equipment with him.

Martial Arts is steeped in a philosophical approach to increased fitness and the Aberdeen Martial Arts Group on Links Road advocates martial arts as a vehicle for personal growth and development. The focus is on mental fitness as well as physical fitness through responsibility taken for personal safety as self-defence methods are cultivated. The theory is that as higher martial arts training is achieved these higher standards are ultimately reached within the trainee. The arts  on offer by the Aberdeen Martial Arts Group include jeet kune do, jun fan gung fu, the filipino martial arts, muay thai, jkd grappling and brazilian jiu jitsu.

The Warehouse Health Club on Mearns Street, Aberdeen has a range of classes on offer. The Mixed Martial Arts class with Marc costs £4.00 per class. As well as toning, strengthening and improving cardiovascular fitness, the classes will help anyone with confidence issues. You can also do Body Blast with Wendy at The Warehouse Health Club, which is suitable for all levels. For those who like a little dancing, there is some simple choreography in this class. With a highly choreographed step class Kerry will play the latest tunes and incorporate the latest moves for the more advanced fitness fans out there.

If it’s moving to energised music then Zumba may be the perfect choice. Zumba is Columbian slang for ‘buzz like a bee’ or ‘move fast’ and was created by the Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez in 2001. After forgetting his aerobics tapes he substituted them for his salsa and merengue music and his class loved it. It now has a worldwide following and is available in many locations within Aberdeen.  Zumba fitness programmes combine the fast paced Latin rhythms with a workout that’s fun and exhilarating. It aims to tone the entire body with elements of resistance training alongside a cardio-based workout appropriate for any fitness level. Zumba classes are available with Alison Livingston at the Aberdeen Academy of Performing Arts on a Monday, the Kincorth Sports Centre on a Tuesday or the Holburn Bar on various days of the week. Alison urges people to join her as every class feels like a party and it’s not necessary to know how to dance.

Many people do want to learn to dance. Dancing not only improves fitness levels, it also gives participants skills that can be used socially at weddings or dinner dances. As with classes in any area of fitness, there is also the opportunity to meet new people and learn how to work at something together. Dance classes are available throughout Aberdeen. Citymoves is the dance agency for North East Scotland and is part of Aberdeen City Council’s Education, Culture & Sport Service. It nurtures and supports the work of dance artists, groups, tutors, creators and companies, and takes a lead role in dance development in the city of Aberdeen and the North East. A range of inclusive dance activities are available at Citymoves for people of all ages and abilities, including ballet, tap, jazz, creative, contemporary, traditional and world dances. Classes and workshops in the studio attract participants from a fifty mile radius of the City. Classes and workshops are also run at outreach venues throughout Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire.

The Northern Dance Club provides tuition in Ballroom and Latin American dancing, for complete beginners, and improvers, as well as a fun social dancing calendar that includes demonstration nights with dance cabaret performances from top class ballroom and Latin dance couples.  It is possible to learn the Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Jive, Cha Cha and following tuition there is an opportunity for social dancing which encourages members to try out what they have learnt.

For those that want to focus on their core strength and stability then it’s well worth considering Pilates. Aberdeen Pilates Studio was established in 2001 and has continued to grow in popularity ever since. Pilates like martial arts incorporates philosophy with physical activity and aims to increase a person’s understanding of their mind as well as their body. Pilates can benefit people with acute injuries, chronic pain conditions, recovering from surgery, those with neurological conditions, who are pregnant or post natal and older adults. The Aberdeen Pilates Studio promotes Pilates as a safe and relaxing form of exercise.

Many people associate yoga with relaxation and the people of Aberdeen find it releases tension caused by everyday stress and strain. However, the Love Yoga Studio that is based in Union Terrace in Aberdeen believes that Yoga is also a way of generating positive physical energy. Through yoga, one’s body becomes stronger and more flexible. Again, the combination of focusing on the mind as well as the body is highlighted. Over time the techniques encourage participants to tune into thoughts, as well as their bodies. Love Yoga Studio offers choices from Traditional Hatha Yoga; Yin Yoga; Astanga Yoga (also known as Power Yoga); Private Classes; Dancing Yoga; Yoga for Kids; Workshops, Retreats; Prenatal Yoga; Shiatsu Massage and more.

Lastly but no means least don’t forget Boot camps. Not for everyone but if you are the type to enjoy a gruelling workout then it might be for you. GI Julie Boot Camp in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, offers a residential weight loss boot camp and a one day boot camp. Boot camp is about intensity and group bonding, but GI Julie also offers one to one personal training if someone is looking for some more individual attention.

Personal Trainers Sheffield

Posted on: Thursday, February 17th, 2011

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Personal Trainers Sheffield -  there are so many benefits to using a Workout at home personal trainer. It is predicted that within a few years being overweight or obese will overtake smoking as the major cause of preventable ill health in the UK and the people of Sheffield have shown that its everyone’s problem. Last year, a summit was organised in the City leading Sheffield to be internationally recognised as leading the way in preventing obesity. Most of us know that if we exercise regularly we will have better muscle tone and reduced body fat, but the benefits you reap won’t stop there. Your stress levels will be reduced; you will feel more energised and have better quality sleep.

Unfortunately for many people in Sheffield going to the gym can be daunting and it can be difficult to sustain the motivation necessary to achieve the level of fitness you are looking for. Therefore, over the last couple of years there has been a greater demand for personal trainers in Sheffield and in particular mobile personal trainers that come to you in your home. Regardless of your goal, whether you wish to lose weight, train for a specific sporting event such as 5k run or you are seeking help with rehabilitation after an injury, your Sheffield personal trainer can help you.

Workout at home recruits experts in the field of personal training. Each one is highly qualified and they are adept at making your personal training sessions varied and effective. Your training programme will be tailored to your specific needs and you will be advised and motivated throughout your sessions. As well as this you will be provided with access to an online support system, something that is totally unique to the personal training industry. Furthermore, we want you to enjoy yourself and get on well with your personal trainer.

During your FREE initial consultation, you get to meet your personal trainer who will discuss with you what you hope to achieve. Once you have made the decision to go ahead with personal training with your local Workout at home personal trainer, you will be offered a health assessment and this will give you a clearer idea about your current health and fitness levels and enable your personal trainer in Sheffield to design a programme to help you reach your goals.

It is well worth reading our testimonials but one of our clients said “I am the important ingredient in this mix.  I have been made to feel worthwhile.  I am healthier, fitter and a good deal happier. I never thought I could achieve so much, indeed I would not have done without the dedication to my needs from my personal trainer”. You will not need to purchase any expensive equipment to accomplish your goals as everything necessary will be brought to your home by your personal trainer. Your personal trainer in Sheffield has a mobile fitness suite that includes a step, punch pads, balance ball, resistance bands, and much more. No room in your house for a running machine but you want to run? Don’t worry, your personal trainer could take you for a run in one of many parks Sheffield has to offer such as Graves Park or Weston Bank.

To arrange a free consultation with a personal trainer in Sheffield click here

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