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Love To Get Fit?

Posted on: Friday, November 1st, 2013

Categories: Exercise, Fitness, Personal trainer

PT14Since its inception in 2006 has gone from strength to strength and now in 2013 it is the most successful brand of home fitness in the UK.

Built specifically for those who would love to get fit but prefer exercising in their own home on a one-to-one basis with a sympathetic personal trainer who is experienced and fully qualified, has helped thousands of people from London to Liverpool to get fit at their own pace.

There are many reasons to improve fitness: to improve health and gain a better quality of life, to lose weight, for medical reasons or just to look and feel great. At we understand that any reason to improve fitness is a good reason and we use only the best male and female personal trainers in the business to ensure that you receive maximum results every time.

100% customer satisfaction

Taking individual needs as priority, we always carefully match our personal trainers with clients to ensure you get the very best from your home fitness experience. For further information or to ask any questions of our service please call us on 07920 705 058 and start getting fit for life today.