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Music is the motivation

Posted on: Thursday, May 5th, 2011

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What music do you listen to when you are training? Funk? Rock? Dance? Progressive Jazz?!?!
The reason a lot of people use music while at the gym or out jogging is to shut the world off around them. When out jogging with Take That (or what ever your own tastes are) it’s just you and that music. No people, Traffic or out side influence.

Which brings me to the point of this blog.  …..Why?
Why not listen to the outside world and hear people talking or other gym users chat about what ever they are talking about! Because at the end of the day your just not interested!

You want to get your head down and jog/workout or generally just concentrate on what you are doing. We are where we are today because people don’t want to go to the gym and listen to people go on, and on about how much they can bench or how much reps they have done that day.

The home is personal, private and it’s yours! Do you think you need a massive front room that you can exercise in and then after wards host a banquet for 2,000? No! The average front room that both you and I have is ample room. Our trainers are there to concentrate on you and not the amount of room you have.

Really don’t have enough room? No problem! There are parks, play areas and all manor of local places  near you that our trainers can meet you and give the motivation and workout you need. The key word here is ‘PERSONAL’. We are for you and you alone. Believe it or not our trainers are always self  motivated to make you happier! If you’re taking care of your own well-being and showing signs of improvement then they are happy! The last thing on or trainers minds are “OMG look at the wall paper in here!”

The Last word…

People prefer us to gym’s because at home you are happy comfortable and most of all safe.
Add to that you can stick on your Engelbert Humperdinck Cd and workout, not because you need the
distraction but because it’s your home and you can listen to what ever motivates you most.