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No Hefty Monthly Fees!

Posted on: Friday, November 22nd, 2013

Categories: Exercise, Nutrition, Personal trainer

PT28Join in the greatest home fitness innovation of the 21st century with fitness professionals. When the gym class lets you down, when the machines just don’t motivate, when you get tired paying a hefty monthly fee then think fitness on your terms.

No more running around trying to fit in lunchtime classes and rushing back to the office, no more being tied to days and times which suit the gym. Take control of your own fitness programme and work with one of the 400 home training instructors. Wherever you live you can start right now with a male or female fitness instructor who takes your fitness as seriously as you do.

From Southampton to Skegness, from Yeovil to York fitness providers are there for you

Don’t worry if you are currently below-par on the fitness stakes, our home personal trainers are empathetic and it is their job to motivate, inspire you to a fitness level you would probably never attain in a public gym.

When you join you will receive a fitness assessment which takes place in your home with your personal trainer. From this initial assessment, taking into account your health and lifestyle, a fitness programme that really works will be created for you.

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