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Olympic Fever

Posted on: Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Categories: Exercise, Personal trainer

With most of Britain on tender hooks waiting for the first gold medal, after five days Heather Stanning and Helen Glover came up with the goods in the coxless pairs. 30,000 fans watched and cheered at Eton Dorney as the pair rowed to victory and it was a great moment in British Olympic history. Not only is it the first gold medal for Great Britain, but they are the first women to win a rowing medal at an Olympic games. They also broke an Olympic record in their first race.

Glover maintains that their effort was for the whole British team and the whole country. Their achievement certainly serves as an inspiration to us all. We can not only vicariously experience the pleasure of their triumph, but also dream of what goals we can reach ourselves.  We might not all win races, but we can certainly achieve a great deal in terms of fitness. Exceeding personal goals is possible to everyone with the right attitude, effort and guidance from an expert such as a personal trainer.

Some of our own personal trainers have reached great heights in their sporting careers and we have personal trainers with us who have won medals in a wide range of sports from horse riding to karate. They learn so much from their personal sporting journey that they yearn to inspire others to reach their own optimum level of fitness. PE teacher Glover hopes to inspire kids who are thinking about taking up a new sport, encouraging them to just go for it as you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Glover, aged 26 maintains that if you work hard, you can do anything and her hard work paid off so much so that she could afford a smile during the last 250m of the race. She didn’t even start rowing until 2008 and has achieved so much in a mere 4 years. Her background was in cross-country running and hockey until she found out about a scheme funded by the lottery called Sporting Giants which searched for future Olympians. Glover was picked for the rowing programme and Stanning was also chosen to be part of the scheme.The 27 year old Stanning was predicted to win a gold medal by her fellow pupils at school and started rowing aged 19 prompted by her friends who encouraged her to try rowing because she was tall. She has put her career as a Royal Artillery officer in the army on hold to compete and said thanks for all the support in Afghanistan.

The pair only teamed up 2 years ago and said they bounce off each other even though they have different personalities. The British public are amazed at what they have attained in such a short space of time. They started their rowing training having already achieved a high level of fitness and were then coached by Robin Williams in order to reach peak condition and hone their technique to win Olympic gold. It is this input from an expert such as a personal trainer who knows how to get the best out someone that makes all the difference when it comes to reaching fitness goals. Results don’t have to be medals to be inspiring. A person whose mobility has increased due to personal training can mean a life that is so much more enjoyable to live and increased fitness means that in all likelihood that person will also live longer too and so have more time to reap the benefits of their hard work.