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Personal Trainers Edinburgh

Posted on: Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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The beautiful city of Edinburgh is a fitness fanatic’s delight – especially if you enjoy running! But if you’re still unsure as to how to begin your fitness training and are nervous about walking through the doors of a gym for the first time, there is an alternative that is affordable, accessible and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

At Workout At Home, we come to you. Our professional and highly trained personal trainers work with you in your home to create bespoke fitness programmes designed for a wide range of applications. From simple weight loss through to strength training, pre and post natal and marathon training, your fitness trainer in Edinburgh will work with you to create the right programme for your needs.

How do we work?

Before we begin, our personal trainer in Edinburgh will carry out a full health assessment that includes blood pressure and heart rate, peak flow to test the capacity and effectiveness of your lungs and a range of other checks to build up a complete picture of your current fitness levels. Once we have that information, your fitness trainer will then work with you to create a programme that sets realistic and achievable goals.

All of our personal trainers in Edinburgh are highly qualified and experienced professionals, used to working with clients of all fitness levels. Thanks to our unique online support system, your ‘virtual’ personal trainer is with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week even when your real fitness trainer is with another client!

What we can do for you

Our personal trainers in Edinburgh and across the UK can help you to achieve goals that you may have struggled to reach just by going to an ordinary gym. Our unique mobile fitness suite means that you don’t have to buy any expensive gym equipment either – your personal trainer will bring everything you need to each session.

Our mobile fitness suite- what equipment do we carry?

Buying gym equipment can be an expensive investment, especially some of the larger items such as cross trainers, exercise bikes and rowing machines. To save you the cost of this investment, our personal trainers bring a mobile gym to your door. Whether you want to concentrate on cardio exercise for weight loss, toning up with strength and core stability work or improving your stamina your fitness trainer will bring everything you need. We use the most effective, innovative and fun training equipment to make sure that your exercise programme is fun and effective.

With access to a library of 500 exercises that can all be carried out in the comfort of your own home, your personal trainer can work with you to adapt and change your programme as necessary. This keeps it fresh, exciting and helps to avoid that ‘exercise plateau’ that can reduce the effectiveness of any exercise programme. Years of expertise and experience means that our personal trainers can encourage and support you throughout, making your end goal easier to achieve. A combination of experience, training and cutting edge technology makes Workout at home one of the most effective personal training systems in Edinburgh.

Specialist services

For anyone suffering from Osteoporosis and Arthritis, a specially designed exercise programme can help to reduce the pain and improve flexibility and mobility. Our personal trainers are all experienced in working with clients who suffer from reduced mobility, as well as pre and post natal training, core strength and even simple weight loss programmes that can help shift those extra inches before your holiday. Your fitness trainer will listen to you, what you want to achieve and how you want to do it and create a programme that’s right for you.

For more details on personal trainers in Edinburgh, simply go to our ‘Contact Us’ page to book your free initial consultation. Alternatively, contact us direct for further information.