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Posted on: Thursday, November 18th, 2010

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If you’ve made that important decision to lead a healthier lifestyle, it can be daunting to venture into the gym for the first time or wade through the millions of pages on the Internet for nutritional advice. The help of a personal trainer is invaluable in those first few months of a new exercise programme, but many people believe that personal trainers are the preserve of the rich and famous. However, at Workout at home we disagree, and are committed to bringing the benefits of a personal trainer to everyone, regardless of their income. Our team of personal trainers in Aberdeen and across the UK share our commitment and are ready to help you.

How can a personal trainer help me?

One of the hardest things to maintain is motivation. So many people start an exercise programme patched together from online advice, magazine articles and other sources but fail to understand that making a big change to your lifestyle requires some expert help. That is why many people stick to an exercise and diet programme for just a couple of weeks and then lose that momentum. A personal trainer can help in a wide variety of ways, most importantly through planning a diet and exercise programme that suits you and keeps you motivated.

Where can I get Expert advice with a friendly face?

No matter how hard you exercise, there’s another part of the equation that has to be right if you are to see any benefits. Not only can your fitness trainer give you help and advice on your exercise programme, but they can also put together an effective eating plan that will complement your physical training routine perfectly. Our unique online support system gives you access to a plethora of tasty recipes, nutritional advice and eating plans that will help you lose weight, redefine your body shape and push you that bit closer to your goal without becoming boring. Our personal trainers in Aberdeen and around the UK will work with you every step of the way, whether you just want to lose weight or have specific health conditions that could benefit from a nutritionally balanced diet and some gentle exercise.

Don’t expect your personal trainer to bark orders at you like a sergeant major, either. We believe in positive motivation, so your Workout at home fitness trainer will give you expert advice with a friendly face. To make sure that you’re as comfortable as possible with your personal trainer, they will be with you from day one right through to the end of your programme so you get to know them personally and feel comfortable working with them.

Health problems? No problem

Many first timers to personal fitness training are worried that a health problem may prevent them from making changes to their lifestyle and incorporating exercise into their daily routine. But exercise has been proven to be extremely beneficial to many health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or even heart conditions. If you are suffering from a health problem but would like to take steps to change your lifestyle, have a look at our Health Advice’ page to see how our personal trainers could help you.

So don’t wait for the traditional New Year resolutions to make a positive change in your life. Browse our website to find out more about personal trainers in Aberdeen and contact us to book your free initial consultation now.