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Workout at home are one of the leading providers of mobile personal training services in your area. Our male and female personal trainers bring all the necessary equipment to the home, so let the gym come to you! Here we will be providing general information on health and fitness and other news related to Workout at home

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Posted on: Sunday, November 21st, 2010

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Working out at home can be a lonely activity. If you’re not careful, the motivation and good intentions can quickly evaporate, especially if your exercise programme isn’t having the desired effect. If you’re suffering from a lack of motivation and don’t want to sign up for an expensive gym membership there is an affordable alternative – a personal trainer in Cardiff from Workout at home.

Who are Workout at home?

Workout at home is one of the UK’s most successful personal trainer organisations. Our personal trainers in Cardiff are all highly experienced and qualified fitness experts who enjoy working on a one to one basis with clients in the comfort of their own home. Whatever your goal, your fitness trainer will help you stay focused, motivated and on target.

When we started three years ago we saw that there was a need to provide a reliable, high quality home personal training service that was affordable for everyone. We are now uniquely positioned as one of the largest home based personal training companies in the UK with a network of personal trainers in Cardiff and across the UK. Our aim is to provide you with a customised service that is individually tailored to your needs and goals. We bring the gym to you, with all the necessary equipment, motivation, knowledge and experience you need so that your sessions are fun, effective and continually challenging. We only recruit personal trainers that are trained to very high standards, with a unique online support system that gives you access to a library of 500 exercises, nutritional information and support.

Our testimonials speak for themselves…………

Our personal trainers in Cardiff aren’t just there to motivate you. They’re there to support you throughout your programme and, most importantly, make exercise fun. If you’re enjoying your workout, you are more likely to stick to a routine that will help you to achieve your goals in a fun and interesting way. But don’t just take our word for it – have a look at our ‘Testimonials’ page and see what real people of all ages and abilities have to say about how their fitness trainer has helped them. Here’s just one example:

Kim Bevan is 50 years old and had become deeply unhappy with her level of physical fitness. She called us and after a comprehensive health assessment, her personal trainer put together a programme that would give her manageable and achievable goals to aim for.  Kim was immediately impressed with the results. “I have been working with Workout at Home for about two months now and already it has changed my life. I can run, I can jump, I can get out of breath without collapsing”. After continuing with her programme, Kim is now fitter and healthier, thanks to her personal trainer. “I now exercise at least four times a week, I am eating healthily thanks to their advice and I have lost 90 pounds. They are worth every penny!”

Kim is just one of hundreds of people who have benefited from working with a personal fitness trainer. For more inspirational stories, take a look at our other testimonials from men and women of all ages and abilities. If you would like to know more about personal trainers in Cardiff, simply browse our website and contact us for your free initial assessment. Perhaps in a few months’ time we can add your story to our testimonials page!