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Personal Trainers charged £350 to use the Park

Posted on: Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

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A fee introduced in April has highlighted a possible threat to the livelihood of mobile personal trainers.  A Tory-run West London Council has brought in a business charge for anyone using parks in their vicinity.  This means that a personal trainer can use a park for their own purposes, but as soon as they start working out with a client, it is classed as a business and therefore chargeable.  There are already charges for group classes in Royal Parks, but now the charge in Hurlingham Park in Putney has been extended to people with individual clients and personal trainers had to pay £300 in Twickenham in early April.

A 12 month licence for using parks in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham costs £350 and without it personal trainers are not allowed to train with clients. There is the worry that other Councils will follow suit in a bid to make more money during the recession that has already seen a multitude of cuts in Councils. Consequently, expenses could mount up if a personal trainer uses parks in more than one local authority. Given that many personal trainers are mobile and have a client base living in different areas, it is probable that they use parks in various locations. The whole point of clients employing a mobile personal trainer is so that they don’t have to travel to inconvenient sporting facilities. The expectation is that the personal trainer travels to them or meets them in a local park.

Escalating charges would certainly have a negative impact on the personal training industry, individuals and the nation as a whole. Personal trainers may not be able to afford the charge for a single licence never mind charges for more than one borough. They would either have to increase the cost of their sessions which would make them too expensive for some or avoid using parks with their clients. This would reduce the type of workouts available to clients and those that prefer working out in the great outdoors may give up on personal training altogether if parks are not an option for them. The impact of people exercising less would be far reaching. We know that physical fitness staves off many health conditions that cost the NHS millions every year and aerobic exercise has been shown to improve mental health. The tautology here is that a short term money making device could cost the nation greatly in the long term.

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