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Tips for Increasing Physical Activity during your Working Day

Posted on: Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

Categories: Exercise, Personal trainer, Personal training

Research published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine has found that staff who spent 2.5 hours per week being physically active showed greater levels of satisfaction with their work and we know from other extensive research on fitness that exercising benefits us in an enormous variety of ways.

Most of us don’t get enough exercise and personal training can really help redress this imbalance, but even with regular exercise there is room to increase activity levels. Many office jobs translate into a sedentary day in front of a computer and much of our leisure time comprises sitting watching TV, playing computer games, going out for a drink, to the cinema or for a meal.

A large part of the day can be spent being dangerously inactive, but it is surprisingly easy to replace unhealthy habits with more physically active options. Your Personal Trainer will be able to offer advice as to how to increase physical activity during your day, but here a few tips for you to be going on with:

1. Break up time spent sitting in front of the computer by standing in front of a laptop placed on top of a filing cabinet rather than sitting at your desk in front of a pc.

2. Have standing meetings rather than meetings centred round a conference table.  If people are sat down, meetings are likely to last longer. Standing not only improves efficiency it is better for physical health.

3. Use your lunch break for activity. You could go for a walk or ask your Personal Trainer to meet you in a park for your bespoke regime. They could even deliver your workout to the office if you have a little space and you could share sessions with colleagues.

4. Walk to see a colleague rather than sending them an email or text. This personal contact will also improve working relationships.

5. Make a point of walking round the office during phone meetings.

6. Use the stairs instead of the lift and run up and down the stairs rather than plodding slowly. When you add up the time you spend exercising this way, by the end of the week you could have done a pretty good work out.

7. Make sure you get up at least once an hour, for example to get a drink of water.

8. While you are at your desk move your body. You can move your feet in a circle and roll your shoulders and still work, so as not to waste any time.

9. Try a computer squat thrust. Instead of sitting down fully, lift your bottom off the chair slightly and hold the position for a minute or two. Try and do this mini exercise five times a day.

10. Offer to make colleagues tea or coffee. Not only will you increase your activity levels and build up strength (depending on the number of cups on the tray) you will be extremely popular too!