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What has Britain got out of the royal wedding?

Posted on: Friday, April 29th, 2011

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First of all Congratulations to Wills & Kate. The ceremony was a little too long for some of us but
over all it was a great day to be British and to witness what I’m sure will be a new Era of The Royal

But I had to wonder what we as “common” (I hate that term) everyday people got out of it? Yeah it was nice to see and be a part of it but did it really make a difference to us everyday people?

For the first time I felt that people were celebrating Britain as a whole and not the independent
“football” country’s that we seem to spend most of our time in. We were all one. Black, White, English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish, All one.  Most of us seem to have rediscovered something we had almost forgotten…
…National pride!

With British Flags flying and people spread out over the Parade it was nice to see. At the Abbey there was all walks of life. Postmen,  Bakers,  Shop owners and everything else inbetween.

My point is that happy people spend more money, FACT! And today 29/4/2011 a lot of people were happy. And it helps company’s Like ours and many others because we are here not to force people to do exercise or to make them conform to society’s views on being fit, But to help people feel better about them selves! It’s not about being super fit or being super active. We work with the people we help, No against. Personal Trainers are about giving you a little motivation and encouragement. If you just want to lose “a little tiny bit” just in time for that special Wedding then we are here!

Remember that happiness you felt today? You can feel like that all the time! By being happy with
yourself and looking after your own wellbeing.  The Royal Wedding has in some way made us all feel
good and maybe we should all take a quick look in the mirror and ask our selves…

“Am I happy?!?!?”

The last word…

What i’m trying to say here is that we can help you be happy. We don’t cost an arm and a leg and you
don’t have to Marry a Prince just to be able to afford a Personal Trainer. Anyone can, And it doesn’t
matter who you are, where you live or how much weight you “HAVE” to lose. Your feel a lot better
about your self if you just look after your own Wellbeing.