Nutrition - Recipes, Diet Plans and Nutrition advice

Regardless of your goal, it is important that you make positive changes to both your exercise regime and your diet. This will not only help you achieve your goals more effectively but also help you maintain a healthy and long life.

Whilst our personal trainers are there to answer any questions that you may have regarding nutrition we have also teamed up with Lucy-Ann Prideaux, a nutrition consultant with a Masters Degree in Nutrition and 20 years experience in the field of health and nutrition. She has a nutrition consultancy practice called Simply Nutrition providing dietary and lifestyle coaching and support to individuals and groups, and is founder of SN365

Our partnership with Lucy-Ann has enabled us to provide our clients with an extensive nutritional support package, that includes:


Free Nutrition e-Book

A unique program of online daily nutrition designed to educate you to eat well, eat healthily and eat happily.

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Free Recipe e-Book

This book is packed full of easy-to-prepare, delicious and nutritious meals that are suited to tastes and requirements.

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Dietary Analysis

Having your diet and lifestyle evaluated by an experienced, qualified nutritionist is the most effective way to eating healthily and happily.

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Home Delivery

Why don't you consider having healthy meals delivered to your door - its just like getting your own personal chef.

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