Nutrition - FREE Nutrition e-Book

SN365 is a unique program of on-line "daily" nutrition - a year-long (365 day) program designed to teach, educate, and empower individuals to eat well, eat healthily, and eat happily, whatever their goal, i.e. weight loss, health and wellness, or sports performance.

The book is delivered in bite-size chunks that slowly drip-feed knowledge, enabling individuals to absorb information and effectively use and put into daily practice.

Book Format - 3 days of information on a topic, 2 days of simple "inspirational" words, or motivational tips, and 2 days of food/meal ideas to try.

Topics covered include:

  • Basics of good nutrition - The roles of CHOs (including understanding the GI, "slow" versus "fast" release CHOs, whole food versus processed), proteins and fats (essential versus non, processed versus "natural" sources, healthy fats etc.), and practical food ideas of each. Problems surrounding excess sugars and refined foods.
  • Digestion - understanding role and function of the gut, good digestion, problems and solutions.
  • Our relationships with food - emotional eating vs. "functional" eating, link between low self-esteem, poor body image and poor dietary habits - tips and solutions to boost self-confidence/self-worth, and overcome any negative behavioural patterns around food/exercise.
  • Travel and holiday tips, travel
  • Kitchen, cooking and culinary tips - use of herbs, spices, healthy oils, kitchen de-cluttering and detoxing!
  • Healthy detoxification and common digestive complaints

You will be provided with the 30-day 'JumpStart' program, which is a month-long sample of SN365.