Personal Training Services

Personal Training is a one-to-one service and it is therefore important that you are happy and feel comfortable with your Personal Training Consultant. We therefore offer a FREE initial consultation so that you can meet your personal trainer before deciding to go ahead with training.

At the initial consultation we will not only provide you with an overview of our services but we will also show you our home fitness training book, our online support system and provide you with some further information about where you can train, when you can train and the different packages that are available to you. It will also give your personal training consultant an opportunity to answer any questions you have and is the first step in determining your goals and your current state of health and fitness.

Specialist Areas

We will design a programme with a goal of improving your specific condition and your general health and wellbeing.

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Mobile Fitness Suite

Regardless of your goal we will bring all the necessary equipment to the comfort of your home.

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Health Assessment

If you choose to engage our services, before we do anything else we give you a full health assessment.

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Home Fitness System

Our unique training system enables us to design and deliver effective, individually tailored programmes.

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