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Whether its cardio exercise for weight loss, strength and core stability work for toning or an improvement in stamina we will take all the necessary equipment to your chosen environment. We have tracked down the most effective, innovative and fun training equipment therefore ensuring your exercise program has variety and is fun. Our range of fitness equipment includes:

Reebok Step

Step exercises can be great fun whilst also improving your cardiovascular fitness and working on those big muscle groups in the legs, such as glutes and hamstrings. The Reebok Step can be used regardless of your fitness level and we will ensure we vary your routine to keep you interested and focused. As your fitness level improves we can add dumbbells and introduce more advanced exercises.

Balance Ball

A large inflatable ball that is also known as a Swiss ball. Since its introduction on the market it has been widely used by physiotherapists and exercise professionals due to its versatility effectiveness. When using the ball to perform exercises it engages many more muscles involved in strength and balance. It is an excellent way of improving back and abdominal strength and as you develop the level of exercise difficulty can be increased accordingly.


This is an inflatable hemisphere and the name is the acronym of 'both sides utilised'. It can help with many aspects of training developing core strength and conditioning, agility, flexibility, dynamic balance, and propriaception. Exercises can be adapted for all levels of experience.


TRX - Total Resistance Exercise

The Total Resistance EXercise Suspension Trainer has a variety of anchors which attach a strong harness to many surfaces. It uses body weight to provide resistance during training thus making the need for additional weights redundant. Weighing less than 1kg and taking less than minute to set up, the TRX is extremely versatile. The transition between exercises is rapid and effortless and because it supports the body it prevents injuries. Suspension training enables individuals to build up core strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, joint stability and muscular balance.

Reebok Deck

The Reebok® Deck is a revolutionary exercise platform that takes the original Reebok Step to a new dimension. The deck offers dynamic, total-body workout options. This multi-purpose Deck can be used as both an aerobic step platform and an incline bench for strength training and circuit routines.



Kettlebells originated in Russia about 2000 years ago and have been used by strongmen and athletes ever since. These ‘cannonballs’ with handles come in many sizes and can be used for exercises that would normally be done using a dumbbell or barbell. Because the centre of mass reaches beyond the hand, swinging movements are required which mimic natural work outs using the whole body such as shovelling. Every muscle can be toned and Kettlebells can help to build up cardiovascular strength, endurance, speed and flexibility. It is possible to burn as many calories in ten minutes as you would in 45 minutes on a treadmill.

Concept 2 Rowing Machine

The Concept2 Rower is the World's best selling rowing machine delivering proven performance and fitness benefits. Whilst this is a familiar piece of equipment to any gym user, not many people would think we could bring it to the home. Concept2 have now redesigned their rower for easier separation so that you can now work on your strokes from the comfort of your living room. Not only good for improving cardiovascular fitness but also posture and stamina. PLEASE NOTE: Most Personal Trainers do not carry the Concept 2 Rower.

Bowflex Dumbells

The Bowflex Dumbells is a revolutionary product with the most space-efficient and flexible strength training option available. They combine the flexibility of adjustable weight stacks with the results of an entire set of dumbells in one compact unit. The large weight range makes it an adaptable piece of equipment, so anyone can adjust it to their preference and fitness level. PLEASE NOTE: Some Personal Trainers do not carry the Bowflex Dumbells.

Punch Pads

Why not work out all your frustration through a simple boxing routine? This will work on your muscular endurance and co-ordination as well as help with your stress levels!

Run in the Park

Whatever you're level of fitness this is a great way of pushing yourself further. With one of our instructors by your side we will make sure that you get the best out of your session. If you are training for an event, for example a half marathon, we will be able to put a training schedule together for you.