Female Fitness - Testimonials about our Home Personal Trainers


Kim Bevan - 50 Years Old

"I have been working with Workout at Home for about two months now and already it has changed my life. I can run, I can jump, I can get out of breath without collapsing... just! They are incredibly motivating, encouraging. They don't just get me to exercise; they have taken a lifestyle approach. They have got me off that sofa and out into the open air."

"I now exercise at least four times a week, I am eating healthily thanks to their advice (yes, hotels do have healthy options) and I have lost 90 pounds. They are worth every penny!

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Helen Davies - 42 Years Old

"I have been working with Workout at Home for 10 months and find it hard to believe how far I have come with their help, support, encouragement and, when needed, a good old push. I began as a 16 stone 41 year old who got out of breath climbing stairs and had difficulty tying up my shoes. I am now 2 and half stone lighter and can run reasonably comfortably for 40 minutes - which is something I though impossible. I feel fitter and healthier than I have since my early 20s and the local charity shop has done very well out of me as I have slowly replaced my entire wardrobe."

"Ten months on I can confidently say it is a luxury that is worth every penny. I could not have got where I am on my own and am looking forward to working with Workout at Home towards my next set of goals"


Sharon Vernaschi - 45 Years Old

"Jason has been my trainer for almost 2 years and whilst I was reasonably fit before I stated training with him I never really left my comfort zone. As well as introducing me to boxing, we also do weight training, circuits, cardio and core stability exercises. He is extremely knowledgeable on both the fitness side and diet. The sessions are hard but fun and most important varied. If you're looking for a lifestyle change, or like me just want to improve your fitness level and enjoy the training sessions then I can thoroughly recommend using Workout at home."


Carol Hopkinson - 62 Years Old

"Having settled for the invisible life of a 60+ semi retired woman I was suddenly confronted with my son's wedding. Going to a gym to be thrown amongst Lycra clad dolly birds was not for me and I was over the moon to find a company that would actually come to my own home."

"It started with a health assessment, a complete new way of eating a nutritional diet and a tailored package of exercise to suit me. I am the important ingredient in this mix. I have been made to feel worthwhile. I am healthier, fitter and a good deal happier. I never thought I could achieve so much, indeed I would not have done without the dedication to my needs from my personal trainer"


Sarah Roles - 41 Years Old

"My excuse for not exercising was a poor one. Working full time and being a mum to our four children... 'I can't find time', that was 9 months ago. Finding Jason was a big plus for me, I now train twice a week and look forward to each session, the big smile encouragement and motivation that he gives is fantastic, he has helped me achieve a fitter me and a bonus I have lost weight"


Amanda Matthews - 26 Years Old

"When I contacted Workout at home I knew that I wanted to improve my fitness but I did not know how to go about it. A personal training programme was developed around my specific goals and needs. It's hard work but as I keep achieving my goals, it's worth every bit of effort. I've gone from disliking exercise to actually looking forward to every one of our sessions. I'd have been lost without them"


Dianne Barker - 49 Years Old

"My exercise routine was pretty non-existent before, and the thought of going to a personal trainer, I didn't think it was for me. But since being persuaded to go along by a colleague at work, I have not looked back. I have lost weight, feel fitter and this I would not have done, without the motivation and encouragement that my personal trainer gives. It is hard work but lots of fun"


Sian Davis - 17 Years Old

"I decided that I had to lose weight; I was uncomfortable of my size so my Nan suggested a personal trainer. I thought I could do it by myself but just after one session I realised that I would not have worked that hard by myself. So far I have lost just over 2 stone with the two training sessions a week and the nutrition. I try to do more exercise but sometimes find it hard to find the time. I really enjoy the training even if I am aching the next day because I know it is all worth while".


Kim West - 51 Years Old

"If anybody can take on two mad female divorcees at 6 o'clock in the morning and make hard work and lots of pain fun then Jason is 'yo man'. We have a good laugh (so much so that this counts as at least 20 stomach crunches in anyone's book!)"

"He makes each session unique and challenging, tailored to our needs and combines a mix of hard work with lots of laughs. After only 4 months I am ½ stone lighter, down two trouser sizes, and at over 50 feeling 34! Go Girls go!"