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Drs Simon Harris and Kim Scolding

"Working as General Practitioners we have told our patients for years about the benefits of Healthy Eating and exercise and during this time we have done less exercise and put on more weight. It was always hard to find the time and as importantly the impetus to go and exercise. We all have those gym memberships that go unused because it's not interesting or varied enough. Every New Year we make our resolutions to lose weight and yet got bigger and the gym membership went unused again."

"In April 2007 my wife informed me that a personal trainer was coming round to see us... and Jason ran into our lives. He asked us what our goals were, my wife wanted us to lose weight and I wanted to see my feet again. The 1st session was hell, I could barely row 500 meters, in fact 100 meters made me feel ill, but amazingly quickly our exercise tolerance and fitness increased. After 6 months I had lost 2 stone in weight and my wife 1 stone (all she needed to lose)... more importantly I could see my feet! The desire and willpower to continue had always been difficult for us, but with Jason's infectious enthusiasm and help we keep going back for more! We really enjoy our twice-weekly sessions and even do an extra session at home on our own. Neither of us would have done that a year ago."

"We are both fitter lighter slimmer and healthier. I recommend the service to patients and see huge improvements in them as well. I recommend them to you too but remember there is no easy way to lose weight and get fit. It hurts but you know what, we feel so good about it that we look forward to our sessions, and as Jason keeps telling us... "IT'S ALL GOOD" ... and amazingly IT IS!"

* Please be aware that results from personal training can vary for each individual and there is no guarantee of specific results